Kevin and Siobhan – WEDDING

I met Kevin and Siobhan last year and from the moment they mentioned details of their wedding I knew I would fall in love with it. The colours they chose for their day are the kind of colours I cannot stop pinning on Pinterest. The dreamy pinks, purples and greens were just absolutely beautiful. 

When I arrived at Siobhan’s Mum’s house on the morning of their wedding I was greeted by amazing details. Siobhan had put so much thought into her accessories which even included some hand painted shoes by ‘Le Soulier’. She didn’t wear these ones, no no, they were too special and have been kept for a keep sake. Instead, Siobhan rocked some amazing vintage inspired lace shoes and the bridesmaids wore shoes from Schuh. Sarah Marie Wilcox was doing the make up for the day and Emma Jenkins was styling their hair. It’s becoming a habit seeing these two at weddings, they are so talented and made everyone look stunning.

Siobhan and Kevin were married at St. Margaret’s church in Wolston, with their reception at the Brandon Hall Hotel. I can’t state how much time and thought went into their day, Siobhan’s uncle even handed out ice creams from his ice cream van which was a lovely personal touch. The evening began on a massive high when Kevin surprised Siobhan with a brand new car, her reaction was priceless!

Thank you so much for picking me to capture your amazing day.

Kevin_SiobhanKevin_Siobhan_2    Kevin_Siobhan_6Kevin_Siobhan_42Kevin_Siobhan_11Kevin_Siobhan_38Kevin_Siobhan_44Kevin_Siobhan_26Kevin_Siobhan_16Kevin_Siobhan_47Kevin_Siobhan_48Kevin_Siobhan_70Kevin_Siobhan_61Kevin_Siobhan_72Kevin_Siobhan_84Kevin_Siobhan_90Kevin_Siobhan_92Kevin_Siobhan_106Kevin_Siobhan_51Kevin_Siobhan_55Kevin_Siobhan_133Kevin_Siobhan_132Kevin_Siobhan_142Kevin_Siobhan_173Kevin_Siobhan_178Kevin_Siobhan_281Kevin_Siobhan_189Kevin_Siobhan_195Kevin_Siobhan_244Kevin_Siobhan_221Kevin_Siobhan_238Kevin_Siobhan_248Kevin_Siobhan_231Kevin_Siobhan_251Kevin_Siobhan_234Kevin_Siobhan_252Kevin_Siobhan_278Kevin_Siobhan_293Kevin_Siobhan_299Kevin_Siobhan_283Kevin_Siobhan_318Kevin_Siobhan_301Kevin_Siobhan_339Kevin_Siobhan_311Kevin_Siobhan_315Kevin_Siobhan_368    Kevin_Siobhan_369Kevin_Siobhan_350Kevin_Siobhan_361Kevin_Siobhan_356Kevin_Siobhan_443Kevin_Siobhan_445


Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity.


I have never understood why anyone would want to jump out of a plane. It baffles me. I find it hard enough sitting in a plane without feeling anxious, let alone being thrown out of one. But today my lovely friend Shannon did so, for a charity very close to her heart, B-eat.

Watching Shannon jump made me really extremely proud, I think when someone does something you could never do, it gives you that feeling. I never had any doubt that Shannon wouldn’t jump, she is one of the most positive people I know.

Myself, Shannon and Holly are aiming to do some projects based on confidence. Today has only proved to me the power of confidence and positive thinking.

Well done again Shannon! 🙂

Barrie and LeAnne – WEDDING

I have known Barrie and his family forever. We both grew up in Coventry and both went to Coventry University. Infact, I did a documentary on him for a uni project.. That’s another blog post…

LeAnne and Barrie met in 2010 whilst both working at Camp Scully in the USA. LeAnne is from Michigan, and they would travel back and forth from the USA to the UK to see each other. (It gets even more romantic..)… On August 12th 2011, Barrie took LeAnne on a surprise scavenger hunt that took 6 hours to complete. Each clue led LeAnne to another clue around the camp Scully grounds, until she was led to the final one. On the final answer LeAnne expected Barrie to be there with a ring. Instead was a scroll with 50 things Barrie loved about LeAnne. Whilst the scroll was beautiful, she felt a little disappointed thinking she was about to get engaged. With that she retreated to her cabin and got ready for a staff night out.

LeAnne and Barrie were enjoying the night when Barrie disappeared for a while. Wondering where he had gone, LeAnne heard him being introduced to the stage. He was there, on stage, wearing a white top gun uniform. (Honestly, I know you’re thinking how?! But it gets even better!). Barrie then began to sing “You’ve lost that loving feeling” to LeAnne, whilst singing “I get down on my knee for you…” he took to one knee and proposed to LeAnne. She said yes.

LeAnne and Barrie were married last December in Michigan, USA. As some of Barrie’s friends and family couldn’t make the wedding, they had a blessing and a reception in the UK this June. It was a beautiful day. As they were already married, we were able to get some photographs in before the blessing. We went to secluded roads and fields, whilst passersby would stop and say congratulations!

I love how in love LeAnne and Barrie are, no distance has stopped them. Their families are amazingly supportive and both traveled thousands of miles to join celebrations both here and in America.

Thank you for picking me to capture your second amazing day.

Barry_LeAnne_1  Barry_LeAnne



Jordan and Jenna – WEDDING

Jordan and Jenna got married at the beautiful Woodside hotel in Kenilworth. When I arrived Jenna and her bridesmaids were getting ready in the hotel room, the amazing Sarah Wilcox was the make up artist for the day (check out her Facebook here ) and Kirsty Smallden at Cabello was the hair stylist.

The venue was absolutely beautiful, the blossom on the trees was in bloom which only added to its fabulousness! After the ceremony we used the lawns in the back of the venue and the tall trees as a back drop. Every so often you would see bunnies hopping around in the woodland.

The sun shone throughout the photographs, which was fabulous! And we managed to use a few locations before everyone sat down for the wedding breakfast.

Thank you so much for picking me to photograph your beautiful day!


Jordan_Jenna_13  Jordan_Jenna_14

Jordan_Jenna_59 Jordan_Jenna_62Jordan_Jenna_44Jordan_Jenna_88

Jordan_Jenna_37  Jordan_Jenna_36

Jordan_Jenna_154Jordan_Jenna_156 Jordan_Jenna_179 Jordan_Jenna_165Jordan_Jenna_191 Jordan_Jenna_195Jordan_Jenna_212Jordan_Jenna_203

Jordan_Jenna_316  Jordan_Jenna_272

Jordan_Jenna_218 Jordan_Jenna_223 Jordan_Jenna_224Jordan_Jenna_227 Jordan_Jenna_242Jordan_Jenna_317Jordan_Jenna_235Jordan_Jenna_247 Jordan_Jenna_270 Jordan_Jenna_262Jordan_Jenna_278 Jordan_Jenna_282

Jordan_Jenna_287  Jordan_Jenna_289

Jordan_Jenna_293  Jordan_Jenna_292

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Diary of a drama queen


This blog isn’t to have a moan, (okay it kinda is) but writing things down makes me feel better.

Do you ever have one of those moments where you wish the world was a little more simple? I am a self confessed technology addict, but there are times when I wish a carrier pigeon was my mode of communication. I lie, I don’t.. I’m just being dramatic. I have had a weekend of dramatic moments. At the time I didn’t class them as dramatic moments because when something fails on you, it can feel like your world just self imploded.

Dramatic moment number one. On Saturday I had just finished an engagement shoot, like always I went to back up my photos. No no, on this occasion that wasn’t happening. My built in SD card reader had other ideas. After trying an arrangement of memory cards, I decided that was it, my WHOLE computer was broken. I couldn’t fathom that I could just get a cable to upload them or buy a USB SD card reader, I wanted it my old way! I don’t like change! I rang Apple, the lady was lovely, I like to class her as my therapist. She gave me a number of things to do and nope, it didn’t work. So I booked an appointment with a Mac genius in Solihull for Monday. In the meantime, a Facebook genius friend gave me some things to do, turns out, one of my old memory cards had fallen apart in the SD reader. Plastic hooked out, drama over, it works.

Dramatic moment number two. Have you ever felt like 80 people are staring at you wondering what on earth is happening? Well, this happened to me on Sunday. Only I didn’t feel like they were, they actually were all staring. As a photographer it is my worst fear that something breaks. I have dreams (nightmares) about this stuff. Well, my nightmare came true. I was standing infront of every single wedding guest ready for group photographs and my lens said fEE. ERROR! I swore a little bit, got a little hot and wanted to just fall to my knees and cry. But I didn’t. I did this – 🙂 and pretended everything was fine. (Later on guests asked me what was up with my lens so I guess a career in acting is out). After a few messages to a trusty Facebook group, I flicked a switch and drama over, it works.

Dramatic moment number three. I get a little too involved with ideas at a wedding that I don’t usually concentrate on anything else. So whilst I was photographing the bride and grooms portraits, I placed my iphone on top of my bag. Little did I know, it had slid off.. and was having a nice little lie in the sun in the grass. I went inside to photograph the wedding breakfast room, then looked for my phone. IT WASN’T THERE. That feeling in my stomach came, how will I email?! How will I instagram during the day?! What if someone finds my phone and finds all those cake photographs on there?! (Really serious questions I know). But, my trusty assistant/Mum found it. In the field, chilling, surrounded by children running. Drama over.

I thought I was over my troubles, but when I came home from Sunday’s wedding I managed to fall up the stairs. Yup, UP.

This weekend I have learnt that Facebook has saved me twice so a carrier pigeon doesn’t really have a place in my life. I’ve also learnt I shouldn’t be an actress, I need to put my phone in a pocket and that I should just continue to smile, because problems usually work out… somehow.

After a glass of wine, chocolate and a dinner with the lovely Holly and Shannon, I feel refreshed for a new working week.